Terms and Conditions

If you download or copy audio, video, or other electronic files from the Des Evans Library, you agree to use those files that you download and copy in compliance with the following Usage Rules: 

(i) It may only be distributed in its entirety, unless it is clearly and explicitly marked "excerpt."
(ii) If you distribute audio, video, or other electronic files by any means (including email, physical media, and social networks), you may not charge for it.  
(iii) You may not edit excepts together; they must stand alone and be clearly and excplicitly marked "excerpt." 
(iv) The download and copy of an audio, video, or other electronic file does not transfer to you any commercial or promotional use rights in the file; and 
(vi) You agree that your download and copy of audio, video, or other electronic files constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to the Terms and Conditions of Use and these Usage Rules, and that any use of the files other than in accordance with these Usage Rules may constitute a copyright infringement. 

We reserve the right to modify the Usage Rules at any time.